Summer is back, welcome Euro 2012~

Hello everyone, this is me, Lily, I’m back after a long long time not doing some post 😀
So, did everyone of you have summer break yet? Well, I just finished my last day of school year today, even though I will going to miss my friend, I still very happy.

I sure that the last few day, you guys heard of Euro 2012 and it’s become one of the hottest topic. So, let’s talk about Euro 2012.

Until now, Euro start for 4 night already and tonight is the fifth night of Euro 2012 and tonight, we have a very cool and important and etc, a match between Germany and Netherlands.

To be honest, the reason why I like to watch Euro 2012 have nothing to do with soccer or sport or anything.

The reason I watch Euro 2012 is because I am a fan of Hetalia =))

Now in ZingMe, (a social page of Vietnam) I’m the most important commentator of Hetalian (people who like Hetalia like me) That job was fun actually whether it’s a little busy. I need to cancel all the thing I often do for Euro 2012. Well, those thing I can do everyday, but Euro is 4 year once so a little bit sacrifice isn’t a problem isn’t?

So bye bye everyone,  I’m going to watch Euro now, Portugal vs Denmark. 😀

Peace for children

This is my homework for English. I just re-read it today and I think that this may be a pretty meaningful short essay for everyone of us

We are all living on the Earth – the home for every one of us. Each of us is a member of the Earth, so we couldn’t see our home is being destroyed without doing anything. The best thing we can do is made peace.

Somewhere on Earth, children are dying because of cold, being starving and war. Many children have no parents, they have no home, they can’t come to school and enjoy their life like us. Have you ever got lost? That’s the feeling of many children on the Earth but the different is they know that the just get lost forever. War are meaningless, it maybe make some countries become bigger and richer but what with other? Whether who win or lose the war, there are still lots of dead. How will the children live without the love of their parents? We, people who live in peace are forgetting them, we are becoming so careless. We just play game, worry about how modern our clothes are, becoming crazy with our idols,… but we don’t even think while we are doing that, there are many children can’t see their tomorrow, don’t know what should happen to them when they wake up, or should they even wake up. When you go to restaurant, you call a big meal but you just eat a little bit, you don’t know that somewhere on Earth, there are lots of children willing to trade their lives just to have your meal. You can say that’s not your problem but what if someday, our country become like them? Is it what others call a human anymore?

Why don’t we making peace instead of war? Why don’t we stop for a minute and think right now, there are someone dying on Earth? The earth will be better if they don’t have conflict with each other, share what they have, do things together. Maybe this is a suck idea but millions years ago people have better live than right now. They live and eat together, they share things and they don’t scare of giving people their properties, not like what people doing right now, they scare that they won’t be rich, they scare that the will lost their land but they want land from the others. Peace is important to children like us and even for adults. We need it more than what you think, because life within war is worse than hell.

Picture by fiizle

Learning ~ time ^0^

Hahaha, this is Lily the Great, haha. Like all of you, I have to learn, but actually, learn is not always bored. I remember one time, my friend, Ella teach me best way to learn world history.

That time, I was go to her house to play, and she open some great video about anime that I didn’t know. That anime was Hetalia, full name is Axis Powers: Hetalia. That was great, it talk about A LOT OF countries in the world, even Austria. I like it a lot, so when I went home, I watch the whole series, and my god, it teach me more thing and I ever thing that I can learn about world history.

I learned a lot about World War I and World War II, I even know Holy Roman Empire – the empire that I never know before, I know about Prussia – the country that no longer exist in the Earth. I also know that there was a time Austria is an empire. That was great, so interesting and funny, I can’t never imagine World history can be that funny. After that, my grade in Social Studies was go up, from D to B, I was so happy and proud about that. Actually, when I am stress or being autism, I read read Hetalia fan fic to release my stress. So I didn’t just learn about how to learn World history in a great way, I even learn about how to express the stress.

This is Austria in Hetalia, actually is in chibi mode (you will understand if you are fan of mange/anime)

Thank you for reading my blog, why don’t you share about the time that you learn something not in school?

Picture by YamiChan

Let’s relax and find your hidden talent~! ^o^

Hello everyone, so I’m back and ready to show you guys some of my work I did for Week 7. 😀

Most of my friends choose made a sand drawing, so am I. I choose sand drawing at my first choice.

First what you need to do when you open the link is press C, you will see a lot of color, you choose the color and then play with it. If you want the mixture color (look like cloud and water) and press see, choose the color, hold on still the mouse and move to the other color.

This is my first picture, I didn’t use a lot of mixture color so it’s just that, simple. In this pic I was think about a sakura trees, but the sand drop like mountain so I change to draw sakura mountains. (In Vietnam don’t have sakura for sure, when I do this, I think about Japan)


This is my second sand drawing, isn’t it good? In this picture I use more mixture color so it look more colorful and softer than the first one. This one I draw sakura mountain again, but with the near-to-real color of sakura flowers. The mountain in the middle is Fuji mountain. I know it’s look not so real and ugly but I was try my best on this one, is it good?

I hope you can success with sand drawing.

My second choice is built tower At this game, you will help the bacteria built a tower that can help them reach the sky. This is a science game that can help you brain become more creative, I was try to play but I lost at level above 6 and that was sad actually. My tower was fall down and I can’t have enough bacteria to built the tower again.

This is my tower that was fall down and it was sad. However, I was play in the high level, I didn’t lost at the level right before 😀 Next time I’ll try harder to win this one.

My 3rd choice is Pop Studio. This was really really fun but it’s only for girl. I was choose Digital Studio and make some fake diary and it was fun.

Those are my fake diary why don’t you try?

Have fun~ 😀 ^0^

Why blog should have picture

Hi everyone, this is me, Lily, the great poster of my blog 😀 (of course :))

I hope you already read a lot of blogs, not just mine, and there are tons of blogs that have picture. Why people put pictures on their blog?

Look at this picture, you see that I put a picture inside my blog, so it will look more beautiful, you will rest for eyes for a while when you see pictures. Not just that, pictures even help you more, for example, you try to describe something that no one ever see before, so it’s hard for people to imagine it, then you put the picture to help people can easy understand.

To put images into your blog is very easy, but you have to have the picture in your computer first. You click to the little rectangle that in the Upload/Insert lines. After you click to Select file and choose the picture that you want add and click Open. You choose where you want to put the image and click Insert into Post, that’s all, easy.

This image i put into my post is from me. I have the right to use it 😀 Actually from other post I mostly use picture from me, but in the post about my country, all of the building pictures (and the map) I get from Google and maybe that’s not good for the owners.

To crate and take a picture is not easy so we should attribute the owner. The question is, how can we attribute them? This one is easy, too. You can write something like: “picture from Julie” then you color black the name of the owner (if you know the name) open other tabs (the place that have the original picture) copy the link that have the picture, click to the small chain and then paste the link into the first line, click add links, and finish. Isn’t it easy?


Vo Thi Sau

Hello every one, welcome back to my lovely blog. 🙂 Today I will talk about Võ Thị Sáu, a vry famous woman in Vietnam during the time France rule over Vietnam. The most famous woman in Vietnam are Trung sisters, but beside them, Vietnam have many more famous woman, Võ thị Sáu is one of the greatest example.

Every Vietnamese know her in the image a smiling girl, take flower up from the ground, put to her hair in the battlefield. Võ Thị Sáu real name is Nguyễn Thị Sáu, died when she just near 19 years old. 1933: she born in Vũng Tàu. When she’s 12 years old, she follows her brother and work for Vietnamese army. In 1949, she joined the volunteer team Dat Do police and liaison, resupply. At 14 (1949) expenditures were used grenades to kill the French and wounded 20 soldiers at Red Land.

When she’s 16 years old, she get captured by the French army. 23/1/1852 (when she 19 years old) she was killed by the French army. The French army scare that if they kill a girl on mainland, there won’t be good rumors for them.

Vo Thi Sau was the first woman prisoner that had been kill during the French war time.

Now, she is one of the most sacred woman for Vietnamese, and people live in Con Dao.

My Cool Spring Break

Hello everyone, this is me, Lily, I’m back from the Spring Break. I’ll tell you about cool Spring Break.

On my first week, there was nothing really special on it until one beautiful night, my friend, Ella send me a magical link that change my vocabulary in German forever =)) I was study German from 2 or 3 day then I go to Con Dao, a very special island of Vietnam. In Con Dao, I had experience 1 thing that I just only find when I go to Con Dao, and if I go with few people, I will never dare to do. That experience is to go to Hang Duong cemetery at midnight. I visited Le Hong Phong’s grave first, then I visited Nguyen An Ninh grave’s and finally, I visited Vo Thi Sau’s grave. There was a lot of people visited Vo Thi Sau at midnight to I don’t have to scare of anything and actually, it was as fun as Tet 😀 My mom tell me that I shouldn’t bring the camera to the cemetery so I can’t take any picture. 🙁 There was a special events happened before when I waiting the airplane, I saw Cat‘s my best friend was going back from the trip to Quang Binh/ Hue/ Da Nang/ Hoi An. We was hugged and have a small talk because I have to go to the airplane like right after it.

On my second week I was go to Ella house and sleep over at her house. Julie was there, too. Julie and I was play at Ella house since morning until the afternoon then she go home and I stay back. We was talking about anime/manga stuff. On the next morning, me and Ella go to Julie house. That was really fun, we ate lunch at her house, after that each of us ate a cupcake and a pancake. Then we take some pictures









Picture take by Ella, original from Julie


That’s all, I hope you guys share your Spring Break ^o^

Picture form Julie

My Spring Break

Hello everyone, this is me, Lily again.

This is the 5th day on my Spring break already and I want to share with you guys what I did and what will I did

On Tuesday, I signed in a website call: This website teach your language, and I really like. Now I’m studying German by. However, I just in A1, I set my goal to finish Course A1 German on June/17/2012!

Tomorrow I’ll go to Côn Đảo, I’ll visit a lot of place their. This is the second time I go to Côn Đảo, I still fell exited. I will take a lot of pictures and share with you guys 😀

Why don’t you share your Spring Break? 🙂

How to made a great comment

Hello every body, today we will talk about How to made Great comment.

I know that some of you really love to comment blog in Internet, so am I, sometimes I call myself a commenter, I should give you some tips to be a great commenter, too. 😀

There’s some thing you need to remember, so other people won’t think you impolite.

1. Don’t spam. You should not say just few words like: “Great job” “What’s up?” or to talk about “Nike” “Adidas” or something like that. You can’t even just write …, it’s really impolite. I really hate someone who just comment like that.

2. If you dislike someone blog, then don’t comment. If you see a blog talk about about something that you really really hate, then go away, don’t comment, don’t even need to finish read it. No one like Internet war.

3. Don’t curse. Cursing show that you are a very impolite person.  I hate to see people cursing around. It’s not cool. It doesn’t show you have style, it doesn’t show any good thing about you.

So that’s how you made people think you polite, now you need to know how to keep your safety though comment.

1. Don’t show your personalities stuff. You shouldn’t include your address, telephone number,… in to your comment, people can disturb you by that, they can even hurt you and kill you. It’s really dangerous. There’s nothing fun about it.

2. Don’t talk a lot about political stuff. You should never talk national secrets (if you know), don’t talk bad thing about nations and never talk a lot about political stuff. You can easy go to prison when you talk about it a lot. That’s really easy to make war. That is not fun. There are some countries that I hate deeply but I won’t show it to people who I don’t know. If you talk a good thing about nation, that’s good but if you talk bad thing…

3. Don’t say bad thing about other people. Maybe a little troll is fun but you should not talk about people’ personalities stuff and say bad thing. People can easy get mad when you comment something like that. Other thousand people could see what you said and it’s not cool.

There are some thing that you need to check before you submit a comment.

1. Check your grammar, spelling and spacing. It’ll made other people feel comfortable about it. Maybe you love to see a perfect comment more than read a comment and try to guess what is it, right? So you should start to check your grammar, spelling, spacing before you submit a comment so maybe other people will do it back. 🙂
2. Say something relate to the post/page. You should not say like thing unrelated to the post/page because the author won’t like it, if it’s you maybe you won’t like it, too

3. Say the right name. The author and commenter won’t like you if you call someone or something by the wrong name.

So that all, I hope all of you will become the good commenter 😀

My Lovely Blog Avatar

Hello everyone. All of you who has read my blog should guess how I’m look right? So here I am with the avatar.

My avatar look 65% look like me. My hair is a little bit different because it’s longer and not that fluffy~. Well, my eyes not that big, too. No one can have that big eyes, right 🙂 Few years ago I wore golden eye rings that look exactly like in the avatar but now I lost one and the other is kinda too small for me. 🙁 I choose green background cause like I said, I love GREEN!~

This is my avatar. (I just post it to make sure if you can’t see me avatar)